Sunday, May 16, 2004


Joey Yung Jo Yee

DimGuy: Bat Gwa Jing, do you know that Joey has a boyfriend?

Bat Gwa Jing: Yuhyuh!! The guy who got Leung See Ho and Eric Tsang bashed up. He is the one. *Smugly*

DimGuy: No wor. The- Sun reported that Joey has a boyfriend. She wept when she reminisces about the time she spent with her beau... 'cos she could only use the web cam and instant messaging to stay in touch with him.

Bat Gwa Jing: Huh?!!!!! Hokay…How tall is this boyfriend? (-__-“)

DimGuy: Umm...not mentioned.

Bat Gwa Jing: Is he Chinese? Hispanic? Caucasian? Arabian? Negro? White? Thai? Japanese? Korean…

Dimguy: No idea.

Bat Gwa Jing: Age? Occupation? Sex? Location?

DimGuy: Duh… I'm clueless *Nonchalantly*

Bat Gwa Jing: Arrrgghhhh!!! How can he go undetected by my watchful super Bat Gwa radar?! No boyfriend or girlfriend can escape my detection! Is he some ghoul? This is outrageous!!!!!!! #@@&##$$$!!%%%@@ Gik Sei Yan!!!! *Bangs DimGuy’s head against the wall*

WHY Bok See: I guess the ManiFok brand of smokescreen is a superb product. It fooled the resourceful Bat Gwa Jing. *Sniggers*

DimGuy: Umm…(recovering from the spate of violence that Bat Gwa Jing has inflicted) I beg to differ. I think it was the radar deflecting cream that Joey has been using. The infamous Emperor EEG brand, and it’s only available to a niche market. \(^-^)/

Meanwhile, Bat Gwa Jing whips out a voodoo doll and…

DimGuy discovers what it means to be swellheaded

According to SingTao News(11/05/2004), Jade Kwan is going to insure her vocal cords for a few million HKD. She would be paying a premium of $5000 HKD per month for the sum insured. She also told the press that her throat had bled when she used her voice forcefully and as she's an A-list singer, it would be terrible if she couldn't sing. Hence, the payout would be handy if she was to lose her voice in the future.

DimGuy: Bok See, why did Jade Kwan need to buy insurance for her vocals ar?!

WHY Bok See (Professor): Oh…and why not? (^-^)

DimGuy: ‘Cos all that money would have been put to better use like giving to charity, saving strays, cancer societies etc, etc.

WHY Bok See: Duh… her voice is her livelihood? Didn’t know she is an A-list singer though. Where did that come from? How thick-skinned one can be… (^_^”)

DimGuy: Her voice…not impressive wor. Shrill and dull. Who said she is an A-list singer ga??!!

WHY Bok See: Buying insurance...maybe, perhaps the insurance agent smote her. Kau Jai (courting a guy) mah! Hehehe. Hmm…she’s not pretty, she is diminutive, she can’t act and she…oh well, don’t know what she can do besides sing. If you call that singing…*laughs to himself again*

DimGuy: Bled when she uses her vocals too forcefully... Doesn’t that imply that she is not projecting her voice properly??!!! She should spend her money on vocal training lessons. So dumb!!

WHY Bok See: Ahhhh… Ah Dim, you are getting brighter!! (^o^)

Saturday, May 15, 2004

W-H-Y again...

Why, why, tell me why?
Why not?
After all, anything's possible in the HKentverse.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Dim guy are?